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Both the Correspondent and Principal are Singapore citizens who have done various graduate studies in America.  BENASH Nursery & Primary School was started on 3rd June 2002 and is managed by BENASH TRUST.  Its aim is to avail wholesome and distinctive education to children near and far with a variety of overseas teaching methodology and syllabus integrated with the Indian one.  We take special pride and attempt in inculcating good spoken English skills.  Each child is important and is encouraged and given opportunities to excel in different areas.  We help nurture their gifts and talents in and through the myriad of programmes and activities we offer.The  Read More

Church worship service is held every Sunday 9.30 am in the school campus.  We also have childrens' sunday school programme at the same time.  We have stories, games, songs, art/craft and snacks for the children.  All are welcome.  It provides an avenue for worship and counselling for our school students and parents and to anyone seeking to learn about the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ.  It is also managed by BENASH TRUST.  


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