Welcome To Benash Nursery

& Primary School

BENASH Nursery & Primary School was started on 3rd June 2002 by three Bible Presbyterian churches in Singapore namely Bethlehem, Nazareth and Shalom. The Word BENASH is derived from the beginning two letters of these churches. The school, which is managed by BENASH TRUST, was set up to provide holistic and distinctive education to children with a variety of methods and syllabus from different countries. The fees is affordable and NO DONATION. Its aim is to provide good spoken English skills with good quality education and discipline.

  • We provide well qualified, nurturing and experienced teaching staff.
  • Phonics classes
  • Smart Board/Computer aided teaching method.
  • Languages – Tamil and Hindi
  • English spoken and written
  • Special care and attention for slow learners.
  • Play ground/Special play equipment facilities in the school.
  • Computer classes were introduced to equip children with computer education and update their knowledge in Information Technology through internet and Multimedia applications.

BENASH aims at implanting the seeds of good habits in the heart of our students , inculcating a sense of duty in their minds, influencing them to behave in a decent manner; invigorating them to be God-fearing and making them realize their innate talents and latent abilities.

The medium of instruction is English. Apart from English, the languages taught are Tamil and Hindi.

Motto of the school

Holistic Approach to Education.

Aims of the school

Wholesome development through Academic Excellence, Cultural Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening.


A vibrant school striving for excellence in a caring and challenging environment. To maximize every pupil’s creativity and potential for life long learning with the skills of critical thinking, self discipline and social responsibility. Every pupil will develop a strong moral character imbued with Christian values and principles to guide them for life.